Cincinnati Wolfhounds’ Valiant Effort in the MWRFU Premiership Championship

The weekend of November 10th and 11th marked a significant milestone for the Cincinnati Wolfhounds, as they embarked on their journey to the Midwest Rugby Football Union’s Premiership Championship in Chicago at the Blaze Rugby Grounds. Fueled by the incredible support and generosity of club donations, the team’s travels, stay, and team meals were all covered, showcasing the tremendous community spirit backing the Wolfhounds.

A Journey Fueled by Community Spirit

On November 10th, the Wolfhounds set off for Chicago, filled with anticipation and the spirit of competition. Their stay in the hotel and team meals, a crucial part of their preparation, were all made possible through the generous donations from the club, the Midwest Rugby Development Foundation (MWRDF), and its supporters. This act of kindness not only provided logistical support but also bolstered the team’s morale, reminding them of the strong community standing with them.

A Hard-Fought Championship Match

The following day, November 11th, was a display of grit, skill, and determination as the Cincinnati Wolfhounds faced the St. Louis Bombers in a riveting championship match. Despite a challenging start that saw the Wolfhounds concede two early tries and receive two yellow cards, the team’s resilience shone brightly. In a thrilling comeback attempt in the second half, the Wolfhounds demonstrated why they were one of the top contenders for the championship, pushing the Bombers to their limits. The Club congratulates the Bombers and wishes them good luck in the National Tournament Semis!

A Season of Pride and Promise

Although the Wolfhounds ultimately fell short with a final score of 28-37, the match was a testament to the team’s heart and tenacity. Fans and spectators were treated to a fantastic display of rugby, making it a memorable match for all who witnessed it. You can watch the film, produced by Next Level Rugby, here.

This season has been a journey of growth, teamwork, and achievement for the Cincinnati Wolfhounds. The team has consistently demonstrated their skill, spirit, and dedication, culminating in their appearance in the prestigious MWRFU Premiership Championship.

Looking Ahead with Determination

As the team reflects on the season, they do so with pride in their accomplishments and an eye towards the future. The experience gained, the lessons learned, and the support received this season will be invaluable as they prepare for the next. The Wolfhounds will take this time to heal, regroup, and return to training with renewed vigor and focus.

A Heartfelt Thanks to Our Supporters

To all the supporters, donors, and fans, your contributions have been instrumental in this season’s journey. Your support extends beyond the financial; it’s the encouragement, the cheering from the sidelines, and the belief in the team that makes all the difference.

As the Cincinnati Wolfhounds close this chapter, they do so with gratitude and excitement for what the future holds. The team is more committed than ever to come back stronger, united in their goal to excel and make their Club proud.

Here’s to next season, and cheers to the enduring spirit of the Cincinnati Rugby Football Club!