Victory at Brimelow: A Prelude to Glory

On a recent sunny Saturday that saw Brimelow Fields erupt in a symphony of rugby roars, the Cincinnati Wolfhounds etched a new chapter in their storied legacy. The pack conquered the Kansas City Blues in a riveting semi-final, notching up a stellar 31-22 victory. This wasn’t just a game; it was a masterclass in grit, with the Wolfhounds showcasing a performance so vibrant, spectators were left wondering if there was something magical in their half-time water.

Chicago Awaits: From the Banks of the Ohio to the Shores of Lake Michigan

Buoyed by their home turf success, the Wolfhounds are now embarking on a quest to clinch the Midwest Rugby Football Union’s Men’s D1 Premiership Championship. The stage is set for this Saturday, November 11th, at the Chicago Blaze’s rugby complex, where the Midwest Championship crown is up for grabs between the ‘Hounds and the St. Louis Bombers. Our lads are ready to turn up the heat and hope the Windy City is ready for a storm of Cincinnati spirit.

Rallying the Grayhounds: Your Howls, Our Heartbeat

The road to the Midwest Championship is paved with more than just good intentions – it requires the fuel of fervent fan support. As our players pack their bags, we extend a paw to our community, asking for donations to fund the team’s journey. Think of it as investing in a victory parade – every cent gets us one step closer to a championship celebration.

Spare Some Change, Make Some Noise

Whether it’s a few bucks tossed into the virtual hat or your presence in the stands, every bit of support galvanizes the team. If you’re near Chicago, come be part of the sea of blue, roaring our boys to victory. If you’re cheering from afar, your spirit crosses state lines and touches the field, driving every ruck, scrum, and try.

Be Part of the Wolfhounds’ Championship Dream

We’re calling on every member of the Wolfhounds family to join forces as we aim to transform potential into victory. It’s not just the players who win championships – it’s every member of the Club, near and far, whose belief, passion, and support create the indomitable spirit of the Cincinnati Rugby Football Club.

Chicago or Bust: A Date with Destiny

So, mark your calendars, don your Blue, and ready your cheers. We’re not just playing for points; we’re playing for history. As the team embarks on this journey, they carry not just their kit, but the hopes and dreams of every Wolfhound past and present.

The Wolfhounds are not just chasing a ball; they’re chasing greatness. And come this Saturday, we invite you to chase it with us.

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