Midwest Rugby Development Foundation (MWRDF)


Incorporated in 1996, the Midwest Rugby Development Foundation works to increase the growth and awareness of Rugby and to further the development of amateur athletes by promoting educational rugby activities.  As a 501(c)(3) entity, the MWRDF offers a unique opportunity for organizations to get involved in rugby.  Your generosity assists directly in the training, preparation, and growth of rugby throughout Greater Cincinnati and help to provide a bright future for young athletes.

Competing at the highest level involves supporting player travel and maintaining the best pitches in the Midwest.  Promoting player development begins with youth programs across our region, through partnerships with local high school teams, in providing the Midwest collegiate players’ Overseas Rugby Experience Program, and much more.  From simply cheering on any one of our teams at Brimelow Fields to adopting a player, there are numerous ways to get involved in Cincinnati rugby. Help us break the gain line. Donate today!

MWRDF Financial Committees

In order for the Midwest Rugby Development Foundation (MWRDF) and the organizations who benefit from it to survive we must raise funds, NOT for today, but to perpetuate the organization’s ideals for decades.  As you may already know, we formed a special committee focused on finances.  The financial committee is broken down into Fundraising, Events, and Endowment. Our goal is to eventually get the endowment to the point where it can provide ongoing investment income to support the annual budget. We conservatively project 5% income from the endowment we’ll need to raise $1M to fully endow the MWRDF.

Want to Join The Club?

Get involved with any of our teams, committees, Grayhounds, the Midwest Rugby Development Foundation, youth programs, and more by getting in touch with us. We would love to have you involved!