A Historic Partnership: Cincinnati Wolfhounds and Queen City RFC Frogs Unite

The CRFC Wolfhounds and the QCRFC Frogs have long been respected in the area on the pitch. However, in a groundbreaking move, these two esteemed clubs have chosen to combine their strengths and create a united front. The Savannah Rugby Tournament, held last weekend, marked the first time the Wolfhounds and Frogs joined forces, and their impressive performance has sparked excitement throughout the Cincinnati rugby community.

Making Waves at the Savannah Rugby Tournament

The Savannah Rugby Tournament was an ideal venue for the newly formed trial partnership to showcase their combined prowess. With both clubs fielding combined teams in the top two divisions, expectations were high. Despite facing fierce competition, the united Wolfhounds-Frogs teams did not disappoint. Both teams placed second in their respective divisions, proving that their collaboration was a recipe for success.

A Promising Spring Season Ahead

The remarkable performance at the Savannah Rugby Tournament was just the beginning for this budding partnership. The Cincinnati RFC Wolfhounds and Queen City RFC Frogs have announced plans to continue combining their teams throughout the spring season as part of a trial to potentially merge the clubs. This trial period will give both clubs the opportunity to assess the benefits and challenges of combining their resources, talents, and communities.

What to Expect from the United Wolfhounds-Frogs Teams

The clubs are traveling together once again this weekend; this time to the Nash Bash Rugby Tournament. With several more tournaments and matches coming up this spring, there is ample opportunity for the Club’s to feel eachother out. Positive signs for strengthening the rugby community in Cincinnati. Stay tuned here, and see upcoming events on our events page.