Hey Hounds and Grayhounds,

Want to have a positive impact on the Club and get some good cash? Look no further! We need help ASAP to sell limited sponsorship packages to potential sponsors – for each sale you make, you get paid!

We’ve crafted four high-value sponsorship tiers that cater to various sponsor preferences and budgets. These packages offer outstanding benefits and are designed to sell, making it an exciting and lucrative opportunity for you, the club, and the sponsor. Packages:

-Title (sold out)

-Black (3 available) $3495, earn $600 per sale

-Yellow (6 available) $2295, earn $400 per sale

-White (11 available) $1095, earn $200 per sale

The more packages you sell, the more you earn!

In general, the packages include sponsor’s logos on the new kits, merch, and website as well as social posts, boards or board discounts, video watermarks, flyers and more. Depending on the package they buy, they get more perks or less. Here’s the portfolio:

Fill out this form if you’re interested! We’ll get your info and give you a personal link to sell with. If you have questions, reach out to Jason Kleinhenz: 513.800.4594 (text) or jasonk@kleinhausco.com (email). Also, we’ll supply you with proven sales scripts to make things easier!

If you want to sell sponsorship packages and don’t want to get the commission, or you want to sponsor by yourself, you can find the info here! That link is also where you see all the details of the packages.

Don’t miss this incredible opportunity to monetize your sales skills and make a difference for the club!